Deirdre Marie Capone

Deirdre Marie Capone

Inside The Capone Family

Deirdre Marie Capone“I am a Capone.” So begins Deirdre Marie Capone’s recently published account of her life, family, and relationship with one of America’s most notorious gangsters. In the past, this admission of identity did not come easy to Deirdre, who was discriminated against simply because of her last name. Now she writes to share little-known stories about the family who raised her and kept Chicago stocked with liquor duDeirdre Marie Caponering the Prohibition.

Deirdre’s own story begins after the zenith of the Capone family’s fame and fortune. Born in 1940, Deirdre knew “Uncle” Al only after his incarceration in Alcatraz. By this point, he was no longer a leader of the Outfit, but rather found time to teach Deirdre how to ride a bicycle and play the mandolin. Although Uncle Al passed away in 1947, his legacy—both good and bad—remains with Deirdre. The course of her own life has been affected by the Capone family name, including losing her father to suicide at the age of ten.

Over time, the Capone family has become ensconced by myth and legend, but Deirdre alone knows truly intimate details. As the only surviving Capone member who has first-hand accounts of interactions with her notorious family members, she seeks to clear up rumors and allegations that have accumulated over the past eighty years. The world knows Al Capone as a criminal that flaunted his lawbreaking, but only Deirdre knows how compassionate and loving her “Uncle Al” could be.

“There’s a lot of people in Chicago that got me pegged for one of those bloodthirsty mobsters you reDeirdre Marie Caponead about in storybooks. The kind that tortures his victims, cuts off their ears, puts their eyes out with a red-hot poker and grins while he’s doing it. Now get me right. I’m not posing as a model for youth. I’ve had to do a lot of things I don’t like to do. But I’m not as black as I’m painted. I’m human. I’ve got a heart in me.” –Al Capone

Deirdre is the author of the recently published UNCLE AL CAPONE: The Untold Story from Inside the Family (Recap Publishing , 2012). She is currently available for interviews and events.

For more information or for an interview with Deirdre Capone please contact Sandy Trupp at or at 202-374-1714


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Deirdre Marie Capone


Deirdre Marie Capone

"A lot of people think Al Capone was a psychopath. A lot of people think Robert De Niro captured the true nature of America's most notorious gangster. A lot of people seem hell bent on clinging to a bunch of mythology that plain and simple makes no sense. A lot of people are fools.  Deirdre Marie Capone is not one of them. With this lovely, personal, heartfelt story, she takes a stand. She's not nominating Capone for sainthood. She's not asking you to pardon him his crimes. She's simply and honestly telling the story she knows best--the story of her family. Do yourself a favor: read it. You'll be glad you did. And when you're done, you can judge Al Capone for yourself."

-Jonathan Eig, author of
Get Capone: The Secret Plot That Captured America's Most Wanted Gangster


“Congratulations I loved the book. The other authors who have written about your uncle know very little about him compared to you and your family members, but their stuff is based on court papers, old police records and news clippings.”

-Nick Pileggi, author of
Wiseguys which he adapted into the movie Goodfellas,
and the author of the book and screenplay Casino


“This wonderful book brings the family of Al Capone to  life. Loaded with facts, many never told before about the life and death of Uncle Al.”

-Steve Fischer, author of
When The Mob Ran Vegas


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Deirdre Marie Capone

Deirdre Marie Capone

Deirdre in Al Capone's Alcatraz cell


Deirdre at the Alcatraz hospital


Interview with Phil Ponce on the Chicago Tonight Show - Episode 1


Interview with Phil Ponce on the Chicago Tonight Show - Episode 2


CBS News Interview


Michael Jackson "Al Capone" Music Video


The Al Capone Templeton Rye Whiskey Dinner hosted by Deirdre Marie Capone at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek



For more information or for an interview with Deirdre Capone please contact Sandy Trupp at or at 202-374-1714

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